How to Play

Loads of Untamed Attitude!

Unbox and you’re right into Untamed mode. Your actions will stir up all sorts of testy reactions: Tap his nose or pet him once or tap the back of his head for various replies, such as warning calls, hisses, growls, and roars!

Shake at your own risk

Shake things up a little and get him really chomped!

Roar Attack!

When you need some backup, just hold down briefly for a single roar attack OR Press and Hold for a full-on ROAR ATTACK!

Upside down and Untamed!

Be careful- swing your beast upside down at your own peril!

Dino Toots

Want to laugh out loud? Press and hold both sensors together for a surprise!

Tame Them

Calm him into Tamed mode by petting, start at the tip of his nose and finish at the back of his head.

A ferocious..sneeze?

Blow air in your Untamed’s face, and prepare for a fierce sneeze!

Beasts Need their rest

If you want to let him take a rest, lay your pal down in your hands for a quick snooze.

one wild pack of creatures

Try clapping your hands when your pack of creatures is all together- they’ll squawk a spine-chilling tune.

Give them a grip

Your pets come with snapping jaws and gripping claws. They love to hang and hold onto things like fingers, branches & bookshelves. You decide!